Volunteer Night at the Great Lakes Aquarium!
(No Morning Meeting)
Join Harbortown Rotary this Wednesday, April 12 from 4:00pm - 6:00pm for our next hands-on volunteering event at the Great Lakes Aquarium!
Rotarians will help with reorganizing and moving of large items for the agency. 
Please let Melissa Madison ( or Scott Soderberg ( know if you plan on helping out and giving back!
Great Lakes Aquarium
353 Harbor Dr.
Duluth, MN 55802
Save the Date! May 4 - Dinner, Drinks, and Dancing!
Join Harbortown Rotary for our next club social outing as we hit the town
Thursday, May 4 for dinner, drinks, and dance lessons!
We will meet for dinner and drinks at 5:00pm Crooked Pint (1402 W. Arrowhead Rd., Duluth, MN 55811) and then walk next door to North Shore Ballroom (1515 Kenwood Ave., Duluth, MN 55811) at 7:00pm for group dance lessons! Can't attend the whole time? No worries! Come for as long or as little as you can. 
Partners and significant others are welcome to join!
Interested in a fun night out?
Please RSVP with Chloe Strand via email ( or text (218.340.2531)!
Crooked Pint Ale House - ExploreLaCrosse     
Welcome New Harbortown Members
President Mary Durward and Harbortown Rotary officially welcomed two new members on Wednesday, March 29 during the morning meeting. Please help us give a big, warm welcome to Sophie Hillmeyer (center) and Lauren Farden (right)!
Sophie Hillmeyer joins us as a Life House corporate member and serves as their Philanthropy Associate. Lauren Farden comes to us from Edward Jones as a Financial Advisor.
Welcome. ladies! We are so excited to have you join.

Change of Meeting Duties
Take Note - Openclipart
Members who were previously scheduled for meeting duties on Wednesday, June 7th have now been moved to Wednesday, June 14th due to a switch in our hands-on volunteer meeting in June. The duty roster has been updated on the Harbortown website to reflect the change to June 7th for the service project and June 14th for our regular morning meeting. 

Happy Rotary Anniversary!
Happy Harbortown Rotary Anniversary to our following members!
We so greatly appreciate your commitment to service.

Greg Goldman (35 years)
Mark Erickson (32 years)
Dave Kohlhaas (19 years)
Heather Salfer (16 years)
Mark Fredrickson (5 years)
Amber Sadowski (3 years)
Jacob Sass (2 years)



Save the Dates! 2023 Harbortown Summer Fundraisers
The 2023 Bike Duluth Festival fundraiser will be held on
Friday, July 7 - Sunday, July 9, 2023 at Spirit Mountain.
Ridgeview Country Club in Duluth, Minnesota, USA | GolfPass
The 2023 Harbortown Rotary Charitable Foundation Golf Fundraiser will be held on 
Monday, July 24, 2023 at Ridgeview Country Club.
This fundraiser to benefits the Robert Hermans Scholarship Fund and the Donald Holm Founders Fund.
COME JOIN US as we raise funds that make impacts on the lives of local youth!
Go to:, click on the HTR Charitable Foundation Golf Fundraiser link, pull up the 2023 Registration form, complete the form, and then send/email the completed form to either Greg Goldman, Juhl Halverson, or Scott Fisher. 
East Hands-on Event

Duluth East All Night Grad Party Volunteering

Home - Duluth East High School
Join  Harbortown Rotary for a hands-on event the morning of Wednesday, June 7, 2023 as we volunteer for the Duluth East All Night Grad Party!
We will be participating in multiple projects for the school:
  • 8:00am - 9:30am: Amsoil Arena Bag Drop and Check
  • 8:00am - 10:00am: Heritage Sports Center Set-up 
Come for as long as you can! All help is welcome. Please let Charity Johnson ( know if you will be there to help out. 

Camp Miller Annual Volunteering
Harbortown Rotary will be holding its annual volunteer day at Camp Miller
on Saturday, June 3rd from 9:00am - 4:00pm.
Grab your work gloves and painting clothes, and keep your eyes open for further details to come!
No photo description available.
89382 E. Frontage Road
Sturgeon Lake, MN 5578

Rotary Magazine - April 2023
main image

"We do it because we love our country." That's how Effat Naz, a polio survivor, sums up why she chose to join Pakistan's polio vaccinators. Women make up two-thirds of that workforce in a country where cultural norms prevent men from entering many people's homes. In this issue of Rotary magazine, you'll learn how women like Effat are not just helping end a disease, but driving change in their country.

Click here to read the April 2023 issue.

April is Environmental Month for Rotary, and we'll take you to southern Turkey, where a warming world and historic wildfires have added peril for the semi-nomadic people of the Taurus Mountains. The region's Rotary clubs are leading an economic recovery effort aimed at preserving a traditional way of life.

Also this month, meet Nobel Peace Prize laureate Leymah Gbowee, who led Liberian women in a nonviolent movement that helped end their country's civil war. Don't miss the chance to see her in person on the mainstage of the 2023 Rotary International Convention in Melbourne: Register now.

Rotary Tri-District Conference
Imagine! 2023 is the first-ever Tri-District Conference for Rotarians and Rotaractors from International Districts 5580, 5950, and 5960. Get ready for an engaging weekend filled with education, camaraderie, celebration, inspiration, personal growth, and fun!

By participating in this one-of-a-kind event, your club will be measurably stronger, healthier, and happier in the year to come. Your ticket gives you full access to the entire conference, and guests are invited to fully participate.


Mary's Corner
Rotary Magazine published a series of conversations with 37 leaders in a variety of fields over a period of 12 years. The full conversations were published in the magazine during that time and produced a summary of the conversations in December 2021. President Mary ends each of Harbortown's regular meetings with a quote from someone involved in those conversations.
The quote from the April 26th meeting was about peace from Mountaineer and Educator Greg Mortenson.

"People bring peace. The fight against terrorism is based on fear, but efforts to promote peace are based on hope. The real enemy is the ignorance that breeds hatred. Rotary with its connections between clubs in different countries, is one example of how people can bring peace."

Greg Mortenson portrait.jpg
Have a good week. Reach out to members that you haven't seen in a while. Let them know you miss them, and encourage them to join us at a morning meeting, service project, or social event! Be kind to yourself and others.

Rotary Goes to Bolivia - Oct. 2023
Join Harbortown Rotary on a trip of a lifetime to Cochabamba, Bolivia! October 19-29, 2023. 
The estimated total cost of the trip will be dependent on the side adventures the group chooses to take (between ~$1,600 to ~$2,400 total, plus travel expenses to Miami, Florida). Harbortown's International Committee has money set aside for those interested in the adventure: $500 to those who have taken a trip before and $750 travel voucher for first timers. 
Please contact Karl Everett if you are interested in learning more or going on the trip! Karl Everett (218.491.3422  /
Mano a Mano’s Center for Ecological Agriculture: Water, Food, Health and Education: A Journey to Learn: Mano a Mano and Harbortown Rotary invite you on a 10 day trip to Cochabamba, Bolivia! Through this unique experience, you will meet high Andean subsistence farm families and be immersed in their daily lives. Travelers will take part in Mano a Mano’s teaching of farming practices that protect the fragile natural environment and improve health and distribution of medical and school supplies. Throughout this journey, you will see projects that accomplished our original vision and so much more.
What is Mano a Mano International? A grass-roots non-profit organization based in St. Paul, MN whose mission is to create partnerships that improve health and increase economic well-being.
Who can go on this trip? Adults and children accompanied by a parent or guardian are welcome. 
Where will we stay? Comfortable and clean hotels.
Where will we go? Bolivia’s third largest city, Cochabamba, located in the Andes at 8,000 feet above sea level, and rural communities that tourists rarely visit.

Upcoming Program Duties
If you have an upcoming program duty (please check the upcoming duty roster), please be sure to secure a speaker and provide notice to Chloe Strand ( as soon as that speaker is confirmed. If you are unable to confirm a speaker, please contact Rick Oase ( or Stephanie Judd ( for help, consider other program ideas like a Ted Talk, presenting yourself on a relevant topic or your business, or creating some excitement for a community organization you are passionate about. It is your program, so think about what is interesting and engaging to you and share it with others! 
If for some reason you are unable to switch duties with another member or you have simply exhausted all efforts to find a speaker, please notify Rick or Stephanie no later than 3 business days before the meeting (the Friday before the meeting your program is scheduled).
President Mary Durward is bringing her laptop to the Kitchi Gammi Club for weekly Harbortown meetings. Presenters may bring a USB drive with the PowerPoint presentation (or whatever is wanted to be shown on the projector while speaking). Please share this information with your program's presenter.
Thank you for your help and thank you to all who are working hard to find engaging content for our upcoming sessions!
Upcoming Program Duties:
05.10 - Service Project: Duluth Armory 
05.17 - East Junior Rotarians
05.24 - Denfeld Junior Rotarians
05.31 - Kevin Anderson
06.07 - Service Project: East All Night Grad Party Hands-On (No morning meeting)
06.10 - Camp Miller Hands-On
06.14 - Matt Cochran
06.21 - President's Dinner (No morning meeting)
06.28 - Lexi Lanigan

Harbortown News
For news, announcements, event promotion, social media, media releases, and more, please contact Charity Johnson (  /  218.788.7288) and Chloe Strand (  /  218.340.2531).
For Scuttlebutt: If you are hosting the program speaker, please copy Chloe on the speaker's name, organization, and email. If you are the chair of a Harbortown Committee, please update Chloe on relevant information regarding grants and awards, meetings or news. Chloe and Charity will use this information to create more dynamic and engaging content to share with potential club members and on social media!
It is our goal to continue to share the good work that Harbortown Rotary is doing in our community, so your help and support is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
Harbortown Rotary 2023
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