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Last Weeks Program Presidents' Dinner Ridgeview CC



President's Dinner -Ridgeview Country Club 5:30 pm
Jun 20, 2018
No Morning Meeting!
This Week's Duties 6-20-18

Kolhaas Dave Fellowship 06/20/18

Wallin Merry Greeter 06/20/18

Saliga-Punyko Judy Greeter 06/20/18

Oase Rick Invocation 06/20/18

Everett Karl Mem-Spotligh 06/20/18

Hansmeyer Luke Program 06/20/18

Habitat for Humanity Bike Ride; July 15 - 22

Hi everyone.  2018 will be my 7th  Habitat ride, and with your help I'll raise  $2,000 for our local Habitat affiliate.   this year we plan to build a house in Superior and another in Duluth. The families chosen to be new home owners will put hundreds of hours of "sweat equity" into the building of their home, and will have a 30 year mortgage that is affordable thanks to donations of cash, building materials, and volunteers' labor.   Please join the effort by supporting my ride
I’m participating in the 26th Annual Habitat 500 Bike Ride this July to support Habitat for Humanity. I’m asking you to support this great organization by making a donation.

Did you know?

·       2,500 homeowners in Minnesota call a Habitat for Humanity home their own.

·       After moving into their Habitat home, 90% of homeowners feel better about their children’s futures.

·       Because of their reduced use of government assistance, Habitat homeowners in Minnesota save Minnesota taxpayers $6.4-$9.3 million annually.

·       93% of Minnesota Habitat for Humanity homeowners feel better about their futures after moving into their Habitat home.

With your help, the Habitat for Humanity can continue to provide homes to families and individuals in our area and around the world.

Please make your donation today.

Jim Gruba

2018 Robert Hermans Scholarship Fund Award recipients

Harbortown Rotarians,


We recognize and honor our 2018 Robert Hermans Scholarship Fund Award recipients. 


This is why we have our Golf Fundraiser.  Please join us on July 30 at Ridgeview CC.


Hermans Scholarship Committee


photo credit: Karl Everett


2018 Hermans Scholarship Golf Fundraiser
Event Description

2018 Hermans Scholarship Golf Fundraiser

Ridgeview Country Club,
Jul 30, 2018 1:00 PM

Please join us!  Fill out the form and give it to Juhl, Goldy or Scott Fisher.  thanks.

Registration form available on the homepage, or by following this link:

Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival

Greetings Everyone,


Enclosed are links to the 2018 Dragon Boat Festival Photos.  You should be able to download and print out anyone you like.  Please share with your teams and contacts. Doug can post the links on the website. If anyone had a “bad hair day” let me know and I will remove the photo off the site.  Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out.  I know I only got photos of some of you.  I only posting a small fraction of all my photos and I may be adding more to these links, so check back in the future.


Dragon Boat Festival Photos



Some of  the 2018 Volunteers


LSDBF 2018 Parade and Opening Ceremony:


LSDBF Dragon Boat Team Photos 2018


LSDBF 2018 Events and People:


LSDBF 2018 Sponsors:


LSDBF 2018 Dockside


LSDBF 2018 Dragon Boat Races


LSDBF 2018 Awards Ceremony






Karl D. Everett, P.E., P.G.

  photo credit: Karl Everett

Dragon Boat Festival


Festival Begins August 24-25, 2018

Harbortown Rotary Paul Harris Fellows
Last Week's Program - UMD Hockey Team
UMD Hockey Team
Jun 13, 2018
The Road to the National Championship!
photo credit: Karl Everett
Harbortown Rotary Weekly Attendance Report
Harbortown Rotary Weekly Attendance Report  
50/50 Drawing44                                      $ 135   
GuestsBender, KobySpeakerUMD Hockey
 Hilderman, JarodSpeakerUMD Hockey
 Kuhlman, KarsonSpeakerUMD Hockey
 Roth, KobeSpeakerUMD Hockey
Visiting RotariansRoni SaloClub 25  
Jr. RotariansMelander, AndrewGustavus  
Newest Members:Mark Fredrickson   
Member Resignations:Josh Widdes   
Member Transfers:    
Member Leaves:Russ Smith until 5/31/218   
Rule of 85:Steve Johnson  2/1/18