Bike Duluth Festival
Spirit Mountain | July 7-9
(No Morning Meeting)

Join us this weekend, July 7-9, at Spirit Mountain for Harbortown's annual fundraiser - Bike Duluth Festival! Join us for a weekend full of fun family-friendly biking activities. 

Volunteers are still needed! Sign-up HERE to help out.

Questions about the event?
Contact Jeremy Jeannette (218.349.2245) or Chloe Strand (218.340.2531). 

Questions about a donation for the silent auction or raffle tickets?
Contact Tony Hansen (218.343.6499)

Bike Duluth Festival Raffle Tickets

Presidents Dinner Cash Raffle Winners
THANK YOU to everyone who came out for the 2022-2023 Presidents Dinner! We had a great night celebrating the past and looking forward to our club's future. 
An additional thank you all for a very successful 2023 Cash Raffle! Congratulations to all those who were drawn for a prize! Below are the winners:
1st        $10,000.00         308        Bill Roberts
2nd       $2,500.00           172        Mary McDonald
2nd       $2,500.00           304        Rick Oase
3rd        $1,000.00           417        Dan Blank
3rd        $1,000.00           378        Michelle Schubitzke
4th        $500.00              39          Bryan Lent
4th        $500.00              190        Linda Deneen
4th        $500.00              345        Chris Trapp
4th        $500.00              377        Michelle Schubitzke
4th        $500.00              421        R. Kelly
4th        $500.00              268        Jake Samuelson
4th        $500.00              204        Bob & Diane Hansen
4th        $500.00              5            Lucas Tellijohn
4th        $500.00              247        Greg Smith
4th        $500.00              455        Erika Rolling
5th        $200.00              489        Russ Smith
5th        $200.00              341        Chloe Strand
5th        $200.00              381        Ray Peterson
5th        $200.00              324        Garrett Bunkowski
5th        $200.00              450        John Leask
5th        $200.00              424        Jolyn Halvorson
5th        $200.00              248        Bryan Lindberg
5th        $200.00              273        Mike Radzak
5th        $200.00              436        Robert Pasek
5th        $200.00              272        David Jordan
5th        $200.00              389        Deb Sweet
5th        $200.00              349        Becky Grumdahl-Peterson
5th        $200.00              54          Dean Casperson
5th        $200.00              13          Robert Hansen
5th        $200.00              50          Mary Riley

2022-2023 Rotary Awards

Awards Announced at President's Dinner from Rotary District 5580

Service Above Self Awards | Rotary Club of Sun Prairie

Distinguished Rotarian of the Year in International Service - This award recognizes THE Rotarian in our District who has excelled in the area of International Service.
Congratulations, Karl Everett, for being selected as the Distinguished Rotarian of the Year in International Service for 2023!

International Service Award - Harbortown Rotary was selected this year for the International Service Award for Clubs with more than 60 members.
Thank you, Nathan Sager as Chair of Internal Services and his committee, for their work this year resulting in this honor from District 5580! 

Public Image Award - Harbortown Rotary was selected this year for the Public Image Award for Clubs with more than 60 members.
Thank you, Chloe Strand as Chair of Club Service and her committee, for their work this year resulting in this honor from District 5580!  

Inter-Organizational Service - Harbortown Rotary was selected this year among Rotary Clubs of all sizes in District 5580 for our projects and activities working with other service organizations in a joint effort to benefit their communities.
Thank you, Lisa Mitchell-Krocak as Chair of Community Service and her committee, for their work this year resulting in this honor from District 5580!

Mile$ for Money
Scott and Katy passed along a thank you to the club for their warm welcome by Harbortown Rotary and for allowing them to present on their mission and Scott's impactful story. As mentioned, all monies raised are directed to two charities, both 501c3 entities: zero prostate cancer and schizophrenia & psychosis action alliance. Park Rapids Rotary has donated 5,000 and challenged other clubs to to match that! They greatly appreciate anything that can be given. 

Happy Rotary Anniversary!
Happy Harbortown Rotary Anniversary to our following members!
We so greatly appreciate your commitment to service.

Kevin Anderson (38 years)
Fred Rouse (37 years)

Greg Wegler (35 years)
Chip Jacobs (29 years)
Mary Jo Kroska (22 years)
Jason Watt (2 years)



Congratulations Paul Harris Fellows

Harbortown Rotary recognized the following new Paul Harris fellows!

Congratulations and thank you for your support of the Rotary Foundation.

Paul Harris Fellow | Rotary Club of Woonsocket
Madeline Carlson (Grandchild of Craig Carlson)
Jamari Fisher (Grandchild of Scott Fisher)
Leilani Fisher (Grandchild of Scott Fisher's)
Mailee Holm (Daughter of Max Holm)
John Hutchinson (Son-in-Law of Chip Jacobs)
Ava Jaus (Grandchild of Nathan Sager)
Genene Lynott (Friend of Karl Everett and Donor to Harbortown Rotary International Projects)
Melissa Madison
Hazel Thibodeau (Niece of Amber Sadowski)

Isabel Cochran (Grandchild of Mike Cochran)
Darrell Goldberg
Chadwick Roberts
Jacob Sass
Matt Cochran



Mary's Corner
Rotary Magazine published a series of conversations with 37 leaders in a variety of fields over a period of 12 years. The full conversations were published in the magazine during that time and produced a summary of the conversations in December 2021. President Mary ends each of Harbortown's regular meetings with a quote from someone involved in those conversations.
The quote from Mary's last meeting as President on June 28th was on empathy from Alex Kotlowitz, Author of "There Are No Children Here: An American Summer."

"Empathy is central to who we are as human beings. I talk about it as the centripetal force of storytelling. It's also the centripetal force of community. It's what holds us together; it's what binds us. It's part of what we are as humans, but it takes some effort. It's not as if we're naturally inclined to think of ourselves as somebody else. It takes a leap of imagination."

Alex Kotlowitz | Penguin Random House

Keep remembering our theme for this past year - Imagine Rotary as we move into the new Rotary year and Create Hope in the World! 

It has been an incredible honor to serve as your President this year, and I thank all of you for letting me serve as your President this year. Thank you for your support and encouragement all year.  

Have a good week. Reach out to members that you haven't seen in a while. Let them know that you miss them and encourage them to join us in a morning meeting, service project, or social event. Be kind to yourself and to those around you.

Past President Mary

Rotary Magazine - July 2023
main image

Gordon McInally began his Rotary journey at age 26, invited to join his local club by a farmer friend in their small village in Scotland. The journey would take him around the world to serve in places like Rwanda and South Africa and to a realization that Rotary is "a great vehicle for being able to care for and help others." In this issue of Rotary magazine, join us as we get to know Rotary's new president and his mission to Create Hope in the World.

Click here to read the July 2023 issue. The link will take you to your digital copy, which you can read using any common web browser.

In this special issue, we'll introduce you to all of Rotary's 2023-24 leadership, including the Board of Directors, the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation, and the district governors. Learn about their professional backgrounds and hear some of their incredible Rotary stories.

In the Our Clubs section, we've got tips on how your club or district can apply for global grants to support international activities in Rotary's areas of focus. Looking for other ways to get involved? Find out how Rotarians and Rotaractors can apply to serve on committees in the 2024-25 Rotary year.

Save the Dates! 2023 Harbortown Summer Fundraisers
Ridgeview Country Club in Duluth, Minnesota, USA | GolfPass
The 2023 Harbortown Rotary Charitable Foundation Golf Fundraiser will be held on 
Monday, July 24, 2023 at Ridgeview Country Club.
This fundraiser to benefits the Robert Hermans Scholarship Fund and the Donald Holm Founders Fund.
COME JOIN US as we raise funds that make impacts on the lives of local youth!
Complete the form, and then send/email it to Greg Goldman, Juhl Halverson, or Scott Fisher. 

Volunteer with STARBASE
STARBASE Duluth – Inspire a Passion for STEM 
Get Hands-On with STARBASE Duluth!
Approximately 2,800 students attend the program during the school year and another 300+ during the 4 weeks of summer programming. The first week of camp concluded yesterday. STARBASE Duluth is in need of volunteers for the remaining summer camp session July 17-20. You don’t have to be a STEM professional to volunteer. It’s a great way to experience first-hand this amazing program. Here’s the link to Sign-up Genius to see what volunteer spots are available: 
Minnesota Power is a corporate partner of the Duluth STARBASE Program located up on the 148th Fighter Wing Air Base. Here’s the link to their website to learn more about this hands-on, experiential STEM program that is inspiring youth from as far north as International Falls, west to Grand Rapids and south to Hinckley. STARBASE exposes students to many, many interesting STEM careers in this region!


Parking at the Kitchi Gammi Club
The Kitchi Gammi Club would like all our Harbortown Rotary members who attend Wednesday morning meetings to know that the top row of parking spots in the Kitchi Gammi parking lot (marked in red on the map) is now leased to St. Luke's. Those spaces are for St. Luke’s employees only and are not available for us to park in during morning meetings. St. Luke’s will be towing those spots if the cars parked there do not have the appropriate parking sticker. 

Upcoming Program Duties
If you have an upcoming program duty (please check the upcoming duty roster), please be sure to secure a speaker and provide notice to Chloe Strand ( as soon as that speaker is confirmed. If you are unable to confirm a speaker, please contact Rick Oase ( or Stephanie Judd ( for help, consider other program ideas like a Ted Talk, presenting yourself on a relevant topic or your business, or creating some excitement for a community organization you are passionate about. It is your program, so think about what is interesting and engaging to you and share it with others! 
If for some reason you are unable to switch duties with another member or you have simply exhausted all efforts to find a speaker, please notify Rick or Stephanie no later than 3 business days before the meeting (the Friday before the meeting your program is scheduled).
Harbortown Rotary has a Windows 11 laptop at the Kitchi Gammi Club for weekly Harbortown meetings. Presenters may bring a USB drive with the PowerPoint presentation (or whatever is wanted to be shown on the projector while speaking). Please share this information with your program's presenter. 
Thank you for your help and thank you to all who are working hard to find engaging content for our upcoming sessions!
Upcoming Program Duties:
08.16 - Dave Kohlhaas
08.23 - Juhl Halvorson
08.30 - Scott Soderberg
09.06 - Scott Fisher
09.13 - Service Project
09.20 - Shawn Clairmont
09.27 - Evening Fireside (No Morning Meeting)

Harbortown News
For news, announcements, event promotion, social media, media releases, and more, please contact Charity Johnson (  /  218.788.7288) and Chloe Strand (  /  218.340.2531).
For Scuttlebutt: If you are hosting the program speaker, please copy Chloe on the speaker's name, organization, and email. If you are the chair of a Harbortown Committee, please update Chloe on relevant information regarding grants and awards, meetings or news. Chloe and Charity will use this information to create more dynamic and engaging content to share with potential club members and on social media!
It is our goal to continue to share the good work that Harbortown Rotary is doing in our community, so your help and support is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
Harbortown Rotary 2023
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