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This Week's Program: Dr. Anthony Barrett, College of St. Scholastica
Apr 04, 2018
Dr. Anthony Barrett, College of St. Scholastica
State of the Economy
Dr. Barrett's topic for Wednesday is: Trump Impact on Economy.
Position: Professor, AFE
Department: Trad UG-Acct, Finance,Econ
Phone: (218) 723-6471
Website: View
Dr. Barrett, is a Professor of Economics in the School of Business & Technology. His major academic interests include the steel industry, the Internet and real estate bubbles. During his spare time, Dr. Barrett enjoys golfing, playing basketball and learning
This Weeks Duties 4-04-18

Abernethy Jinell Fellowship 4/4/2018

Anderson Kevin Greeter 4/4/2018

Dahlberg Chris Greeter 4/4/2018

Smith Russ Invocation 4/4/2018

Fisher Scott Program 4/4/2018

Rotary District Conference APRIL 26 – 28 in THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO
The 2018 District Conference is scheduled for April 26-28, and our Canadian Rotarians in Thunder Bay (Fort William), Thunder Bay (Port Arthur), Thunder Bay (Lakehead) and Nipigon Rotary Clubs are ready to welcome you to the Valhalla Inn for an exciting weekend of “Building Bridges, Goodwill & Friendship.”  What could be better than coming together to “Make a Difference” and to celebrate our International goodwill and friendship?  Thunder Bay, ON is a great city with much to enjoy.  The Conference will be a fantastic event, long remembered as one of the best.  Join us, won’t you!  More information: District Conference   
American Heritage Book Group; Tuesday, May 8th

The next gathering of the American Heritage Book Group will be on Tuesday, May 8th at the Kitchi Gammi Club.  The book is Perilous Fight:  America’s Intrepid War with Britain on the High Seas by Stephen Budiansky.  Please read the attached pdf file (and share it with others who may be interested).


News:  Alison Clarke as agreed to be a coordinator, along with me.  Thanks, Alison!


Also, at our May gathering, we will be voting on three books for the next “season” (i.e., fall, winter, spring).   Our time frame is from 1812 to 1860.  Susan wondered if this would include the presidency of James Monroe.  Sure.  Even though his story obviously starts earlier, his presidency fits in the time frame.  We may find that there is so much to read that we wish to stay in this time period for more than one “season.” 


In any case, please e-mail either Alison or myself by April 30th with any books that you wish to have on the ballot.  (You may suggest more than one.)  You may also include a brief description of the book.  Book descriptions will be handed out prior to the vote.


Some possible topics include (but are not limited to):


Westward Expansion and the Doctrine of Manifest Destiny

Presidents from James Madison through James Buchanan

Cherokee Trail of Tears

Seminole Wars

California Gold Rush

The Alamo and the Mexican War


Ante-bellum Politics

Compromise of 1820

Henry Clay and the Whig Party

Compromise of 1850

Kansas-Nebraska Act

Bleeding Kansas

The Lincoln—Douglas Debates



Frederick Douglass

William Lloyd Garrison

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Harriet Tubman & the Underground Railroad

John Brown


If, for whatever reason, you choose not to receive e-mails about the American Heritage Book Group, please let me know.


Best wishes,



Brad Jenson

Certified Financial PlannerTM

Financial Advisor, RJFS


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Last Weeks Program 3-28-18
photo credit: Kerry Leider
Harbortown Rotary Weekly Attendance Report 3-28-18
Harbortown Rotary Weekly Attendance Report    
50/50 Drawing36              $341     
GuestsEmily LarsonSpeaker    
 Jaclson, RachelLisa Mitchel-Krocak   
Visiting RotariansSalo, RoniClub 25    
Jr. RotariansLott, GabriellaEast    
 Morrow, DrayDenfeld    
 Smith, GraceDenfeld    
MakeupsMary Durward3/9/18Safety Harbor Rotary Club 
 Mary Durward3/16/18Safety Harbor Rotary Club 
 Jinell Abernethy3/6/18Community Service  
 Tiffany Hughes3/6/18Community Service  
 Karl Everett3/21/18Superior 40  
Newest Members:Rick Cleath, Chloe Strand (HDC), Kris Spennigsby (MN Pow), Eric Goetz(Life House) 
Member Resignations:Sandy Verry  3/21/18     
Member Transfers:      
Member Leaves:Kevin Peterson 1/3 - 3/31/18     
 Russ Smith  2/1 - 4/30/18     
 Michelle Schubitski  1/1 - 3/31/18     
Rule of 85:Steve Johnson  2/1/18