Morning Meeting:
3D Robotics Duluth
Join us this Wednesday morning at 7:30am in the Great Hall at the Kitchi Gammi Club (831 E. Superior St, Duluth, MN 55802) as we hear from 3D Robotics Duluth! 
It all began with a group of people who dreamt of cultivating STEM interest within Ordean-East Middle School back in 2016. The group had a background in FIRST LEGO League and decided to take the next step and created a FIRST® Tech Challenge team, the Devildogs.

The team continued recruiting 7th graders and saying goodbye to those students as they entered high school. And then the pandemic hit and shut everything down. By summer, it was decided they would find a way to meet virtually. During the summer of 2021, after enduring pandemic hardships, a business plan was developed, and by the end of November 2021, the group was an official 501(c)(3) non-profit. 
Students can now enter the robotics programs as early as kindergarten and stay within the organization through their senior years of high school. While the program strives to build upon students' knowledge from previous years, the programs are set up in a way to allow new team members the ability to join at any age/level and come away feeling like they are an important asset to the team despite their previous experience.
Cross Currents
Shekhar Mehta
R. Gordon R. McInally

President 2023-24
On February 19, 2024 DG Dave Long and Rotarains from District 5580, 5950, and 5960 attended Rotary Awareness Day at the MN State Capital to speak up in favor of Rotary and our service projects. They introduced a Rotary license plate bill to create proceeds directed to our foundations. 

Looking for easy and simple ways to make high-impact, achievable steps to reduce your carbon footprint? The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) are partnering with others on their Count Us In campaign which aims to inspire 1 billion people to take practical steps. If 1 billion people globally take an action step, carbon emissions can be reduced by 20%! Check out for more about UNEP’s ACTNOW campaign.


imageWe recently traveled to Bolivia to visit our Rotary District projects that included medical clinics and water well projects. I’m happy to report that all projects have been successfully completed and functioning.  The Rotary 5580 Laguna Sulti Water Well Projects in Chirusi Rosario & Tajamar are in operation and serving these Communities. The Chirusi Rosario water tank was completed on October 26, 2022, and they claim that this water tank with its ROTARY logo is the tallest in the whole wide world.


Calling All Do-Gooders
The Bike Duluth Festival is looking for sponsors and donors for our 2024 Festival coming up on July 19-21. 
Interested in donating? Please contact Tony Hanson. 
Learn more about our sponsorships here:

Spring Quarter Programs
Harbortown Rotarians! Lauren is working on the Duty Roster for the coming quarter. If you know someone who would like to present to our club in the next quarter (April – June), please reach out to Lauren to get them on the schedule. Best way to reach her is at

2024 Rotary District 5580 Conference





Speaking of Golf
a golf ball sitting on top of a green field
"SPEAKING OF GOLF!!!" - Scott Fisher
Mark your calendars as the 2024 Duluth Harbortown Rotary Charitable Foundation's Golf Fundraiser to benefit the Robert Hermans Scholarship Fund and the Donald Holm Founders Fund is scheduled for JULY 8, 2024 at Ridgeview Country Club. 

Rotarian Birthdays

Happy Birthday Rotarians!

What to Write in a Birthday Card - Unique Happy Birthday Wishes
Happy birthday to our Harbortown Rotarians celebrating this February!
Jim Wheeler - March 9
Greg Goldman - March 11
Kevin Anderson - March 30
Have a birthday this month but don't see it here? Make sure to update your information in Club Runner so we can recognize you!

Happy Rotary Anniversary!
Happy Rotary March Anniversaries to our following members!
We so greatly appreciate your commitment to service.
Craig Carlson (40 Years)
Duane Holm (36 Years)
Kerry Leider (29 Years)
Jinell Abernethy (20 Years)
Jeremy Jeannette (19 Years)
Shawn Clairmont (8 Years)
Dan Holm (7 Years)
Brad Irwin (2 Years)
Lexi Lanigan (2 Years)
Lauren Farden (1 Year)
Sophie Hillmeyer (1 Year)

Share Your Rotary Pics!
Do you have Harbortown Rotary pictures to share!?
Use the Google Photos link below to share them with us, so we can spread the word about how awesome our members are and the impact we're making on our community!

Upcoming Program Duties
If you have an upcoming program duty (please check the upcoming duty roster), please be sure to secure a speaker and provide notice to Chloe Strand ( as soon as that speaker is confirmed. If you are unable to confirm a speaker, please contact Rick Oase ( or Stephanie Judd ( for help, consider other program ideas like a Ted Talk, presenting yourself on a relevant topic or your business, or creating some excitement for a community organization you are passionate about. It is your program, so think about what is interesting and engaging to you and share it with others! 
If for some reason you are unable to switch duties with another member or you have simply exhausted all efforts to find a speaker, please notify Rick or Stephanie no later than 3 business days before the meeting (the Friday before the meeting your program is scheduled).
Harbortown Rotary has a Windows 11 laptop at the Kitchi Gammi Club for weekly Harbortown meetings. Presenters may bring a USB drive with the PowerPoint presentation (or whatever is wanted to be shown on the projector while speaking). Please share this information with your program's presenter. 
Thank you for your help and thank you to all who are working hard to find engaging content for our upcoming sessions!
Upcoming Program Duties:
04.03 - Jim Boileau
04.10 - Gabe Walsh, CEO of Lake Superior Area Realtors Association 
04.17 - Jordon Eunison-Chisti
04.24 - Chester Bowl Hands-On

Harbortown News
For news, announcements, event promotion, social media, media releases, and more, please contact Charity Johnson (  /  218.788.7288) and Chloe Strand (  /  218.340.2531).
For Scuttlebutt: If you are hosting the program speaker, please copy Chloe on the speaker's name, organization, and email. If you are the chair of a Harbortown Committee, please update Chloe on relevant information regarding grants and awards, meetings or news. Chloe and Charity will use this information to create more dynamic and engaging content to share with potential club members and on social media!
It is our goal to continue to share the good work that Harbortown Rotary is doing in our community, so your help and support is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
Harbortown Rotary 2023
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