Superior Hiking Trail Hands-On Cleanup 
(No morning meeting)
Please join Harbortown Rotary 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM for our next hands-on project - Superior Hiking Trail Cleanup! There will be no morning meeting. 
Meet at the Fond du Lac Trailhead at the end of 131st Ave W.
Can't make it right at 4:00 PM? Late arrivals can park at the 123rd Ave W Trailhead off Becks Road and hike in from Becks, removing any debris from the trail until they meet up with the group. This will allow Rotarians to do a hike through without needing to shuttle vehicles. Those parked at Becks are asked to give others a ride back to FDL. SHTA will provide tools for Rotarians to use for cleanup.
The Buffalo House and Drydock are close by for food or drinks after!
Please let Jinell know if you are able to make it.
Is it bias or is it bigotry? - Rotary Magazine

Is it Bias or is it Bigotry?

is it bias or is it bigotry
BIG PICTURE: Bias, it turns out, is more complicated than we thought.
Most of us associate the word "bias" with bad things like racism, sexism, and homophobia.

To social scientists, however, those things go beyond bias; they’re bigotry. Social scientists define bias as a preference, and without it, well, imagine how long it’d take you to place an order in a restaurant.

Psychologist Matt Grawitch, director of strategic research at Saint Louis University’s School for Professional Studies, says our brains evolved to make decisions quickly, based on small amounts of information. And in prehistoric times, experts believe that the more someone seemed like us, the less dangerous we assumed them to be, whether or not this was true.

But many of our prehistoric tendencies aren’t necessarily good for us today. Studies have shown that the most diverse companies are more likely to outperform their competitors. And you may have a bias toward burgers and against vegetables, but that doesn’t mean you should only eat burgers or hate vegetables...

While we are often bad at spotting our own biases, we can learn to distinguish bias from bigotry and keep it from negatively affecting our decisions.

Here are some tips for keeping bias from becoming a detriment.


▸ Recognize that it’s hard. 
▸ Beware of group-think.
▸ Ask yourself: Is it true — or safe? 
▸ Consider whether the bias is good for you, or for the group. 
▸ Set policies. 
▸ Encourage robust discussion.

THE COST OF BIAS: Employer bias drives employee disengagement, which costs U.S. companies an estimated $550 billion per year.

READ the full story HERE.

Raffle Tickets Turn In
Only 3 weeks before the big Cash Raffle Extravaganza! There are still 185 raffle tickets that need to be collected. Please plan to turn in your sold tickets, or coordinate with you team captain if your having difficulty selling your tickets. If you are planning to buy your tickets, please turn them in ASAP. This will help the planning team can get an accurate assessment as to how many tickets are actually have left to sell in the final few weeks. 
An update on our Cash Raffle fundraiser as of last Wednesday:
  • 365 tickets have been turned in to date 
  • 109 Assigned but need to be turned in (let myself our your captain know if you need help)
  • 26 Tickets are not currently assigned
Please call (218.343.6499) or email ( Tony Hansen  if you would to coordinate ticket and cash return pick up.
All cash raffle tickets need to be turned in, regardless of whether they have been sold or not by June 21st . All tickets stubs need to be present for the June 22nd raffle.
Thank you everyone for the continued support!
Be a Host Family for an Exchange Student
Harbortown Rotary is in need of host families for a Rotary Exchange Student next year!
Interested in hosting or want to learn more?
Contact Chloe Strand ( or Mary Durward (

Upcoming Program Duties
If you have an upcoming program duty (please check the upcoming duty roster), please be sure to secure a speaker and provide notice to Rick Oase ( or Stephanie Judd ( as soon as that speaker is confirmed. If you are unable to confirm a speaker, consider other program ideas like a Ted Talk, presenting yourself on a relevant topic or your business, or creating some excitement for a community organization you are passionate about. It is your program, so think about what is interesting and engaging to you and share it with others! 
If for some reason you are unable to switch duties with another member or you have simply exhausted all efforts to find a speaker, please notify Rick or Stephanie no later than 3 business days before the meeting (the Friday before the meeting your program is scheduled).
The Holiday Inn has dedicated a laptop for weekly Harbortown use. All presenters need to bring is a USB drive with the PowerPoint presentation (or whatever is wanted to be shown on the projector while speaking). Please share this information with your program's presenter.
Because Harbortown is asked by the Holiday Inn for RSVPs each week, Rob will RSVP each weekly presenter to ensure the presenter gets breakfast. If the presenter is bringing a guest, please let Rob know so he can RSVP the guest, as well. Questions? Please contact Rob Haglin ( 
Thank you for your help and thank you to all who are working hard to find engaging content for our upcoming sessions!
Upcoming Program Duties:
06.15 - Mitchell Diers
06.17 - Hands-On Project - Grandma's Spaghetti Dinner
06.22 - President's Dinner & Cash Raffle
06.29 - Chris Trapp

Harbortown News
For news, announcements, event promotion, social media, media releases, and more, please contact Charity Johnson (  /  218-788-7288) and Chloe Strand (  /  218.340.2531).
For Scuttlebutt: If you are hosting the program speaker, please copy Charity and Chloe on the speaker's name, organization, and email. If you are the chair of a Harbortown Committee, please update Charity and Chloe on relevant information regarding grants and awards, meetings or news. Charity and Chloe will use this information to create more dynamic and engaging content to share with potential club members and on social media!
It is our goal to continue to share the good work that Harbortown Rotary is doing in our community, so your help and support is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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