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 Rob Stenberg, President of Duluth BizPAC August 1 Speaker
 Rob Stenberg, President of Duluth BizPAC August 1 Speaker

A recently formed political action committee, called Duluth BizPac, aims to create a more business-friendly Duluth.

The group is largely made up of area business owners and funded by donations.

Leaders of the group say several recently passed ordinances within the city are not business friendly and they aim to change that. 

"Duluth is not perceived as a business-friendly community, and that's what we want to change, and that is going to mean some city councilors are not going to get our support," said Rob Stenberg, the president of Duluth BizPac. 

Stenberg says, with cash on hand, they are prepared to start funneling money to help, what he calls "more business-friendly candidates" get elected for city council, mayor and county commissioner. 

"We're going to do it in a positive way, and we're going to be a positive change agent for the city of Duluth," said Stenberg. "What we're trying to say, from the Duluth BizPac is, 'We're not going to get into the name calling, we're not going to get into personalities, we're going to support those initiatives that are business friendly for the city of Duluth, we're going to oppose those that are not business friendly, and we're going to do it in a respectful manner," he said........

This Week's Duties 8-01-18
August 1st Meeting 2018
Korsch, MaryAnne
Holm, Duane
Kortesmaki, Jerry
Reierson, Andy
Hansen, Big Bad Bob
Don Holm via the : District 5580 "Cross Currents" July 2018

via the : District 5580 "Cross Currents" July 2018


photo credit: Mitchell Diers
At Duluth Harbortown Rotary’s changing of the guard, the founding father and first president of this 34 year old club, Don Holm, accepted the Don Holm fund keepsake from his son, Duane Holm, past Harbortown President and shortly after was as pleasantly surprised as the rest of us to learn that his grandson, Max, would be the Harbortown President in 2019-20!  Don, who’s determination to become a Rotarian, even after a classification decision kept him from Duluth Club #25, was joined by his wife, sons and daughters and spouses and grand children as the fund announcement was made.
As he looked over the gathering, the pride and emotion was evident and as the years' highlights were listed by President Mitch Diers.  “Look what this group has accomplished." a humble Don later remarked. “When we began, we weren’t certain about much of anything, but we kept moving and look at all of the good that has been done.”  When pressed by this observer, he did admit that it was easier to ask for forgiveness than it was for permission.  Don’s highlights, after his wonderful wife and family include his tenure as an Elk, Son Dean a past MN Chairman, His Ridgeview Golf Club stewardship, his construction company, one of the city’s finest commercial builders, now run by the 3rd generation and of course, Duluth Harbortown Rotary club, which we consider to be a pretty good thing as well!
photo credit: Mitchell Diers
2018 Hermans Scholarship Golf Fundraiser
Event Description

2018 Hermans Scholarship Golf Fundraiser

Ridgeview Country Club,
Jul 30, 2018 1:00 PM

Please join us!  Fill out the form and give it to Juhl, Goldy or Scott Fisher.  thanks.

Registration form available on the homepage, or by following this link:

Habitat For Humanity Home in Duluth
photo provided by David A. Clanaugh
photo credit: Karl Everett
Subject: Two step engagement of 25, Harbortown, Skyline with Duluth build launch
Hello Folks:
We have a ground breaking of August 16 at 9:30 at 2412 W First Street in Duluth for the house project
supported by our district matching grant.  In addition to Rotary, Wells Fargo, Lake Superior College and
Thrivent Financial are major partners in the effort.
David A. Clanaugh
Executive Director; Western Lake Superior Habitat for Humanity
Offices: 820 Belknap St in Superior & 2002 W Superior St in Duluth
218-600-9011 (cell);



On Aug 16 at 930 there will be a groundbreaking ceremony at 2412 West 1st St., the site of the

next Habitat Home in Duluth, the first in quite a few years. As you probably know, Harbortown

has received a District grant, with cooperation from Club 25 and Skyline, and we will have

opportunity for hands on during the build. Please consider attending the ground breaking as a

show of support. 



Jim Gruba



Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival

Greetings Everyone,


Enclosed are links to the 2018 Dragon Boat Festival Photos.  You should be able to download and print out anyone you like.  Please share with your teams and contacts. Doug can post the links on the website. If anyone had a “bad hair day” let me know and I will remove the photo off the site.  Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out.  I know I only got photos of some of you.  I only posting a small fraction of all my photos and I may be adding more to these links, so check back in the future.


Dragon Boat Festival Photos



Some of  the 2018 Volunteers


LSDBF 2018 Parade and Opening Ceremony:


LSDBF Dragon Boat Team Photos 2018


LSDBF 2018 Events and People:


LSDBF 2018 Sponsors:


LSDBF 2018 Dockside


LSDBF 2018 Dragon Boat Races


LSDBF 2018 Awards Ceremony






Karl D. Everett, P.E., P.G.

  photo credit: Karl Everett

Dragon Boat Festival


Festival Begins August 24-25, 2018

Harbortown Rotary Weekly Attendance Report 7-25-18
Harbortown Rotary Weekly Attendance Report  
50/50 Drawing40                                      $ 249   
GuestsDahlberg, MaijaChris Dahlberg  
 Forsman, ArikTony Hansen  
 Minea, MattWarren Bender  
 Wallschlaeger, ScottMax Holm  
 Christmas, CorySpeaker  
 Lutz, ParnellSpeaker  
Visiting RotariansRogers, EarlSkyline  
 Salo, RoniClub 25  
Junior Rotarians    
Newest Members:Joe Montisano   
Member Resignations:    
Member Transfers:    
Member Leaves:    
Rule of 85:    
Harbortown News Announcement
For news, announcements, event promotion social media, media releases and more, please contact Charity Rupp ( or 218-788-7288).  I look forward to sharing the good news and good work that Harbortown Rotary is doing in our community.
Thank you!