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Home Page Stories
We received all the funding and matching grant from the District and all the Rotarians for completion of the Laguna Salti water well project.  I heard back from Mano a Mano this week and they have successfully completed one of the two water wells!  They will continue work advancing the second well in one month.  Thank you, all Rotarians who provided support for this project!
Karl Everett
Harbortown Rotary International Committee
Good news on the Colchani Bolivia Medical Clinic.  Although we did not receive a matching WCS grant from the Rotary District, I received enough commitments to provide half the financial support from a dozen clubs and individuals to finance the project, plus we have a very generous Rotarian to match our dozen club contributions!  Thanks to all Rotarians contributions we can move forward to construct the project.  Thank you everyone for your commitments to fund this worthy project!  Mano a Mano Bolivia is ready to begin construction in November into complete the project in five months, before the winter season in the southern hemisphere.  Thank you sincerely for your commitments to help out the needy Colchani, Bolivia community.
Karl Everett
Harbortown Rotary International Committee
As a participant you will…
  • Be inspired and ready to act on Rotary opportunities through the connectedness of Membership, Public Image, and The Rotary Foundation.
  • Gain a broader view of opportunities that come through Rotary and Rotaract.
  • Understand how acting on opportunities can help clubs increase membership and result in member retention.
  • Appreciate how acting on opportunities can lead to increased giving to The Rotary Foundation and Doing Good in the World.
  • Understand “What’s in it for me” and “What’s in it for others.”
Last Wednesday in place of a normal morning meeting, we tried something a little different.  We had 21 Rotarians and one guest demonstrating Service Above Self by cleaning up the Park Point Beach and Picnic area.  It was a cloudy but beautiful morning to be by the water as the wind blew and waves crashed on the beach.  It was a great way to start the day by helping to keep our community clean and maintain the treasure we have in Park Point and Lake Superior.  Thank you everyone who showed up and helped out.  You can check the Harbortown Facebook page for photos.
Since May of this year, Harbortown Rotarians have contributed over 177 hours of service to many worthy activities and non-profits including: 
  • Mask/shield construction at Heritage Center
  • Highlands YMCA food packaging
  • Park Point clean-up
  • Gary New Duluth Veteran's Memorial garden tending
  • Painting at New Hope for Families
Thank you Harbortown for innovatively thinking of ways to be socially distant, still hold meetings and make a tremendous impact on our community.
You are a Rotarian,
We all love your passion
you're connected, respected, and always in fashion!
you are admired for your thoughts, your heart and your reason
but then comes November-election season!,
So, you passionate Rotarians, I implore you to remember; 
Rotary is apolitical, with no official religion
nor any other 'passions' that could lead to division
respect our fellow humans, always make them welcome
agree on projects, scholarships and then some!
Hang on fellow citizens, for this too shall pass
don't leave electronic evidence that you were an ass
when you want to reply, with a passionate tweet,
 do not press 'send', please, just press 'delete'!
Scott Soderberg
District 5580 Public Image Chair
By Tory Paxson, vice president, Boothbay Harbor Rotary Club, District 7780, Maine, USA
What’s life like for people between the ages of 18 and 35 in the Boothbay Region of Maine? Through Rotary, young people take on leadership positions that expand their skills while they serve. Rotary does more than help during a crisis like COVID-19; it provides experiences that translate into a better future in any career.
The Rotary Club of Boothbay Harbor created a new membership level to make joining more accessible for those under the age of 35. In addition, generous club members have chosen to pay the first year membership costs for the first five new members in this category.
We call it the Rule of 35 and it reduces dues by more than 50% for those under the age of 35. It’s a commitment by our club to keep growing and learning, and to keep inviting young people to see what skills they can develop and add to their own resumes. It’s an invitation to make a difference.
Through Rotary, I have discovered what is possible when a group of like-minded individuals get together to make a difference. It matters not at all that we come in many shapes and sizes, backgrounds, or age-ranges. After a short few years, it’s apparent to me that what we have in common is more important than our differences. We believe in Service Above Self.
It’s more than a motto, it is what compels our club. While we’re known for our annual benefit auction (on hiatus, due to the pandemic), our club works year-round to help our local community and communities around the world. We have given out bikes to seasonal and international workers, organized the Soup Bowl Supper and Derby Party fundraisers, run mock job interviews for high school seniors to practice for future careers, and created care packages for veterans, among many other things.
Rotary has also enabled me to become capable, confident and powerful as I worked alongside change-makers. I have gained project management skills that you can only get through organizing and managing a 200 plus person event with three different organizational crews and over 40 donors and vendors. I’ve became a better, more confident public speaker and learned to use my voice to create change both in Rotary and in my career. I used that voice to convince my fellow members to support our new club membership level for other young professionals like me, the first of its kind in our Rotary district.
At age 25, joining Rotary changed the trajectory of my life. Now 30, I am vice president of our club and have discovered the many ways that I can make a difference.
More than that, I joined a family of people who have rich histories, have a lot of love to give, and are committed to their community. Many of them are business leaders with fascinating careers. I learn and laugh with them at our meetings, taking a break from my busy life to connect with people that I would have never had the chance to get to know otherwise. It’s the reset button I need after a challenging day. Some of my best friends are twice my age, and my life is twice as rich for having them in it.
The August 2020 issue of the Rotarian details a story of how Rotarians around the world have responded to the pandemic in their communities.

Click the issue link and scroll to page 16 for this moving story.
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